Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Drawing is the most immediate connection to our creative impulses. The hand is forever reacting to our eyes, our emotions and our imagination. These sample drawings from a thirty year period offer a representation of many drawing impulses and media.

1. Monstrosities #4 Conte on newsprint 04/77
2. Still Life Conte on Sugar Paper 08/02
3. Chinese Ink Study India Ink on rice paper 03/03
4. Sea Collection India ink on rice paper 09/02
5. Atmospheric View pencil on buff paper 02/11

Monday, February 7, 2011


Watercolour as a medium has always been part of my creative process. Its fluid grace and portability has offered great creative ease throughout this fifteen year period that I document here. Each watercolour represents a series that enlarges my physical portfolio I just recently archived.
1. My new home in Prince Edward County offers rolling hills, rich farmland and of course numerous wineries to beckon me to record and recreate. Waupoos Estate Winery, Waupoos 12" x 18" 08/10
2. In the same series in August I travelled southwest in Prince Edward County to discover a lookout at Prinyer's Cove, Picton 14" x 18 08/10 where the clear day offered sailing opportunities as well as painterly ones.
3,4 Kemptville, my present home has a charming 'old town' today but in its recent history, many buildings have undergone periods of emptiness and neglect. I was interested in this time of decadence and temporary decay and documented in a drawing one such building, 103 Clothier Street East, before a recent owner made it an attractive leather factory and boutique. 103 Clothier Street East, Kemptville 12" x 18" 03/05; 103 Clothier Street East, Kemptville 2 12" x 18" 03/05
Here is a sampling of earlier series sharing with you glimpses of spring thaws, gardens and architectural surfaces that fascinate me in Ontario and in my travels to France.

5. Garden 9.5" x 12" 07/00
6. Chantegeasse Square, France 5" x 7" 07/97
7. Mansion on Oxford, Kemptville 5" x 7"10/96
8. Irises 14.5" x 19 05/95
9. Shells: an Abstraction 23" x 30" 05/94
10. Breakup in the Spring 5" x 7" 02/94

Friday, February 4, 2011


Monoprints, Reliefs, Etching and Woodcuts

This series of artist's prints capture a wide variety of interests. The numerous techniques offered in printmaking continues to offer much meaningful expression.
1. Monoprints allow me to use textile swathes, printing ink splats to create a unique image. Monoprint Splatter to Bacon July 2002

2. A brief visit in late December 1999 to Buenos Aires, Argentina offered me an opportunity to view an old Spanish cemetary where this small but elaborate mausoleum inspired this etching. Etching 1/4 Cemetary in Buenos Aires Dec 1999

3. Local forests in Eastern Ontario called me to produce this small woodcut using a progressive technique of removal of the wood surface with each successive ink application. Woodcut 1/6 Everglades

4. This is a woodcut inspired by the facial expression of a young female athlete who has recently been told she has tested positive after winning a medal in an olympic sport. Woodcut 3rd state 5/5 Dope Testing Discovery July 2002