Friday, February 4, 2011

Monoprints, Reliefs, Etching and Woodcuts

This series of artist's prints capture a wide variety of interests. The numerous techniques offered in printmaking continues to offer much meaningful expression.
1. Monoprints allow me to use textile swathes, printing ink splats to create a unique image. Monoprint Splatter to Bacon July 2002

2. A brief visit in late December 1999 to Buenos Aires, Argentina offered me an opportunity to view an old Spanish cemetary where this small but elaborate mausoleum inspired this etching. Etching 1/4 Cemetary in Buenos Aires Dec 1999

3. Local forests in Eastern Ontario called me to produce this small woodcut using a progressive technique of removal of the wood surface with each successive ink application. Woodcut 1/6 Everglades

4. This is a woodcut inspired by the facial expression of a young female athlete who has recently been told she has tested positive after winning a medal in an olympic sport. Woodcut 3rd state 5/5 Dope Testing Discovery July 2002

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