Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Metamorphosis Show at the Arbor Gallery, Vankleek Hill, Ontario

On April 11 2019, the show demonstrating seven artists' work breaking through concept and their discipline is on the road and this month, we are hosted at the Arbor Gallery in Vankleek Hill, Ontario.

It is exciting to work with these artists from the region who have very much pushed their own boundaries and demonstrated change in their materials, style and discipline.

In my submissions for metamorphosis, I explore the narrative of the destruction of St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church just steps away from my home studio in Aylmer, Quebec. The church experienced a fire in 2009 which destroyed most of the construction. The congregation needed to re-locate their worship at a local monastery while a long, slow clean-up of the site began. Each piece tells part of this story and the church and its congregation returned and grew stronger from the experience.

                                                    The Blaze 18" x 24" encaustic on wood panel
                                                The Aftermath 18" x 24" encaustic on wood panel
                                                The Renewal 18" x 24" encaustic on wood panel

I work in the encaustic medium of melted wax on a wood panel surface. In this tripditch I built the surface to achieve a relief.

In June, my works will travel to its final stop on the whistle blowing tour of the Ottawa Valley and travel to the library in Deep River, Ontario until the end of the month.

Description of The Blaze; The Aftermath; The Renewal
The first work travels back in time to the early morning of June 11, 2009 in front of St. Paul’s Church in Aylmer Qc where a fire is raging and destroys the landmark that was built in 1893. One stands witness, in the second work, to a hushed winter scene where the abandoned shell of the church stands. Six years have passed in time as one views the final work, testimony to the perserverence of the parishioners of the community of St. Paul’s. In March, 2015, St. Paul’s celebrated the opening of their new building incorporating the ruins of the fa├žade as grande entrance, a rejuvenation of the community.
Linda Girard

Friday, August 25, 2017

It's All Part of the Journey

I am very happy to announce that I have a one woman show in North Grenville! As many already know, I lived and worked in Kemptville for 15 years and during this time made many friends and colleagues. In my previous post I spoke about the residency at Geraldine's Gallery, 1505 Hwy 43 in Kemptville, Ontario. Early in August, I enjoyed the experience of focusing on watercolour on the grounds of the heritage home this gallery owner Geraldine Taylor, artist, community activist owns.

Now I present works from my collection of the past 5 years called: It's All Part of the Journey, from August 20 to October 10. There are 18 works in the  encaustic medium I am so fond of. Come drop by, and browse in the large room to experience to rich textural display they offer.

I hope to see you there!
Summer Solace, Encaustic on Wood Panel           $400.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Artist's Residency at Geraldine's Gallery, Kemptville, On

Last week I drove down the 416 from my home in Aylmer, QC with all the equipment for watercolour and encaustics, fully prepared for a week of painting!

Nestled in the growing hub of Kemptville is a little oasis called Geraldine's Gallery in the midst of all the housing and commercial development. It is an art gallery with a remarkable collection of regional and Canadian artists, many of national acclaim. Geraldine Taylor also is a successful curator, gallery owner, real estate agent and community activist well known in eastern Ontario.

She also devotes part of her gallery to an Artist's Residency so that artists may take an extended time to work and be inspired by the art you see everywhere as you spend a week or a month.

I painted plein-air on the large heritage estate finding tiny delightful vignettes and enjoying the view for an hour or so.

October 14, 21, and 28 I am planning plain-air Saturdays during the breathtaking fall season this year. If you would like to join me or get further details, contact me at

Monday, May 29, 2017

Learning the Basics of Watercolour

I was invited to teach, as I mentioned in previous posts, at Portage du Fort at the Pontiac School of the Arts at the Stone School Gallery in the heart of a picturesque village north of the Gatineau, Quebec. The facility offered large windows in our classroom and a big space to use our watercolour media.
We had 7 participants with varying levels of backgrounds but all enthusiastic about leaning a new medium.
The school co-ordinator for the Pontiac School of the Arts, France Lamarche offered the setup and support throughout the course as we journeyed through each of the experiments I had prepared. It was a 2-day workshop and on the second day we had developed our skills to try out a composition of our own making with some guidance. Here is the group seriously focused on their paintings on the second day. From left to right:

France Lamarche, Louis Morisette, Jim Hancock, Linda Girard, Nicole Lavigne, Ryan Lamotte and Deborah Kilgour, (Tina Michaud, Photographer and participant)
Thanks for your sense of fun, focus and adventure! You are always welcome to stop by at the studio at 20 Eardley Road in Aylmer (Gatineau) to share and learn more. Try painting this summer and continue to enjoy the medium.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

EXHIBITION at St. Paul's Church, Aylmer Quebec

In just a few weeks, I will be exhibiting wildflower watercolours and encaustics at the Aylmer Art Association Spring Show. Mark your calendars for the weekend of June 2, 3, 4 and along with my watercolours and encaustics, I will have on hand small prints, cards and small scale original works too. Many talented artists belong to this association so you will enjoy it I am sure. Looking forward to your support.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Teaching Watercolour in the Pontiac

Just a quick reminder that this month, May 20, 27th I am teaching a watercolour course in the Pontiac and hope to see some of you there. The Pontiac School of the Arts is a dynamic place where instructors and students of all ages come and explore new ideas in a rustic stone art gallery/classroom setting in Portage-du-Fort, Pontiac. Spring is the perfect season to learn a new medium and follow it through with a summer series of small watercolour sketches you have learned to create yourself!
Check it out at

Monday, April 10, 2017

Teaching Watercolour in the Pontiac!

This spring, learn to paint in watercolours using the simplest of palette, brushes and paper to make lively sketches of your garden or even on your vacation! I am instructing a course in watercolour the last 2 Saturdays in May from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm., so join me by contacting the Pontiac School of the Arts. For more information regarding description, cost, location and materials, please contact the school at:
Phone: 819 647 2291
Burdock in the Rain    $220. Framed