Sunday, February 26, 2012

Drive By Shootings

Our contemporary society seems always in a deliriously rushed state. As we clutch our smartphones and attempt to squeeze an impossibly busy set of events into the day, we are even rushed when we attempt to relax.
This post takes me that place that we offer for ourselves when we seek repose and renewal. As visual artists, we are also caught up in that societal frenzy to try and capture some creative inspiration in a cramped couple of hours.
Clutching a camera in hand, a friend, also an artist, sought an escape to the Gatineau Hills to view that last of the glories of our colourful Canadian autumn from the blurred vantage point of the car window.
Streams of reflected colours, sharp accents of light and blurred shapes are captured by the lens. Even leafy shapes are pulled and distorted to the edges of the window.

As I caught these images, I felt that they were also a metaphor for our hurried lives. They are 'Drive By Shootings', an attempt to grasp at beauty that is fleeting, working against time. Even at the end of the day and the end of the season, we clutch for another moment to appreciate in our rush of life.

Credits for Drive By Shootings

Drive By Shootings IV          encaustic on board unframed             24" x 24"                $500.  
Drive by Shootings III           encaustic on board unframed              18" x 24"               $400.
Drive By Shootings I             encaustic on board unframed             24" x 24"                $500.
Drive By Shootings II            encaustic on board unframed             24" x 24"                $500.

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Whitehorse, Yukon Series

Let me introduce you to recent encaustic works from a journey I took to Whitehorse in February of last year 2011. With my daughter Camille, 29 on a work related trip, and my camera in tow, we arrived in Whitehorse and made our way to Kluane National Park and the majestic foothills of one of the mountain chains in that vast landscape. A week later we travelled further north to Dawson City and along the route saw some inspiring vistas. It is always formidable to take on the challenge of capturing images of the Canadian west.

I well understand Paul Cezanne's obsession with Mount St. Lazare, as he returned to capture it again and again. The mountain became his muse. A landscape can take its grip upon you as you try to capture its monumentality. 

I'm so pleased to bring these fresh vivid forms to you. 

Credit Information:

Kluane Yukon, 2011; 18"x 24" encaustic on board                     $500.

Yukon Landscape 1; 18"x 24" encaustic on board                       $400.

View to the Cliffs, 2011; 18" x 24" encaustic on board               $400.

Lake Labarge, 2011; 18" x 24" encaustic on board                      $500.