Monday, May 29, 2017

Learning the Basics of Watercolour

I was invited to teach, as I mentioned in previous posts, at Portage du Fort at the Pontiac School of the Arts at the Stone School Gallery in the heart of a picturesque village north of the Gatineau, Quebec. The facility offered large windows in our classroom and a big space to use our watercolour media.
We had 7 participants with varying levels of backgrounds but all enthusiastic about leaning a new medium.
The school co-ordinator for the Pontiac School of the Arts, France Lamarche offered the setup and support throughout the course as we journeyed through each of the experiments I had prepared. It was a 2-day workshop and on the second day we had developed our skills to try out a composition of our own making with some guidance. Here is the group seriously focused on their paintings on the second day. From left to right:

France Lamarche, Louis Morisette, Jim Hancock, Linda Girard, Nicole Lavigne, Ryan Lamotte and Deborah Kilgour, (Tina Michaud, Photographer and participant)
Thanks for your sense of fun, focus and adventure! You are always welcome to stop by at the studio at 20 Eardley Road in Aylmer (Gatineau) to share and learn more. Try painting this summer and continue to enjoy the medium.

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