Sunday, September 9, 2012

Secondary 1 Students at Badabin School, Whapmagoostui

On August 17, the DC10 Creebec plane landed at the last stop of their run, Whapmagoostui and I was on it heading for a school year at Badabin School. Above is the view from my kitchen window as I looked toward the SW that very first evening of my arrival to see a lovely welcoming rainbow.

Here you see a brand new class of high school students ready to learn English as a Second language, Mathematics, History, Geography, and of course, Art. Here in this blog, I plan to show all of you their visual art experiences, and  my own as I make my way through the winter in this fly-in community on the shoreline of Hudson's Bay and the mouth of the Great Whale River in Quebec.

I am looking forward to their first art project, circle designs in primary and secondary colours, that being my second post next week. Today, let me introduce you to my new class that I am very proud of:
(back row left to right) Nicolas Petagumskum, Destiny-Hope Masty, Casey Kawapit, Marcus Petagumskum, Braedan Wynne, Adam Masty Shem, Wesley George, Miracle Masty, (middle row left to right) Georgia-Lynn Sandy, Chriystal Masty-Snowboy,  Sachakin Masty (front row left to right) Autumn Sandy, BeyoncĂ© Fleming-George

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  1. Hi Linda,
    What a beautiful bunch of kids! I hope you, and they, have a good time together. Send lots of posts!
    I have something for you and need a mailing address.