Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bringing Artists Together in the Pontiac

On August 8,9 I travelled to Valerie Bridgeman's home near Shawville, PQ where eight talented artists gathered to share the medium of encaustic. Val has a lovely studio that offered enough space for all of us to expand our abilities in this ancient medium that has taken on some very contemporary approaches.

As you will see in these illustrations, there was such a wide range of styles these artists brought to the workshop. Val is an experienced printmaker along with her daughter-in-law, Sarah and they explored subtle use of colour with layers of collage and textures. Carol and her daughter, Danuda came along. Carol Noel, a well known photographer and graphic designer explored an integration of her photography with encaustic. Danuda had some fascinating papers to create some Asian influenced collages. Carolyn came to the workshop with her experience in fused glass to create brightly coloured landscapes. Kay enjoyed taking an existed image and transforming it to new textural effects. Cher delved into relief paintings in encaustic using well composed textures layering and building to create amazing works. Sally used natural objects from the landscape to recreate the mood on wood panel.

Here are some of the works completed in the two days we were together making art. I was very pleased to spend the time in Valerie Bridgeman's beautiful studio bringing the medium to a new group of creative artists that I am sure will develop exciting new techniques of their own in the coming fall season.

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