Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cygne Anatomy Series March 2011

The long supple and graceful neck of the swan is the first inspiration for this series that evolved first from a sighting of two swans at Adolphuston, Ontario as they swam off the shore at the ferry traversing Lake Ontario to Prince Edward County.
Months later was I able to develop the concept in human anatomy with photographs of necks of my daughters in their positioned elegance, moving in one direction then another. Three drawings came from that series of photographs. The drawings were created as a tonal study in preparation for an encaustic series delving newly into this medium of hot wax application.
The next challenge as it evolved was to create small 10" x 10" panels in encaustic, each reflecting a colour scheme that was emotional in approach. I wanted to react to the personality of my three daughters each in their own right. It was primary for me to use colour and texture of the medium as expressive tools in the works.
These expressive self-portraits tell much to the viewer about who you are even though very few features are present in the works. They also speak to our connection with the beauty of nature as the elegant swan glides gracefully along icy open water, and so my daughters slide along icy waters in their graceful journeys through life.

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